Lioness Rising

Not your average business mastermind...

A 6 month sacred journey for the visionary woman ready to rise in leadership, wealth, & feminine power.

Tricia Fishbune

Master Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist shares how this investment was one of the best decisions she's made in her business and her income has increased exponentially.

It's your time to build that impactful & abundant AF business of your dreams. You know that your next level lives on the other side of activating some major next level energy, developing a rock solid business strategy, and executing a plan to leverage your unique gifts for long term success.

Let's Rise!

Imagine a life where...

You wake up to new payments consistently because you understand how to create “HECK YES” offers, stack income, and have multiple pathways to prosperity

Miracles are normalized as your magnetic energy & manifesting capability is amplified

Launches are fun and stress free because you are confident, embodied, and have an easeful plan in place that honors your energy

You have a full roster of dream clients who can’t wait to join you in your mission and receive your codes

You’re no longer overthinking every move in your business because you’re tapped into your intuition and the wisdom of your body

Regularly investing in yourself is NO BIG DEAL because you love to be nourished and supported by a mentor that you trust and you can bounce ideas off of

You know how to relax, magnetize, and receive from your feminine! 

In 2020 I decided to go ALL IN...

With my newborn son strapped to my chest and a lot of “No’s” from potential jobs that I felt overqualified for, I was inspired and committed to finally carve my own path with my heart centered business. 

I decided that being a mother and a CEO was not only possible, but that each part of my identity could serve the other. 

I decided that even if the external world appeared to be falling apart that my internal world was powerful enough to birth a new reality. 

I decided that people needed my work and gifts more than ever. 

I decided that I was one of the ones meant to be a leader and create change. 

I decided that I don’t have to compromise my energy, my family, or my values to have the prosperous business of my dreams. 

I believe we get to have it all....& then some.

A portal for your transformation

& Collaboration

The Lioness Rising Mastermind isn't like the next business program. It's an invitation to collaborate, skill share, step into leadership and learn from a circle of sisters.

You'll be stepping into a portal of clearing, healing, and energy work so that you can expand your ability to receive more, hold more, and grow from a clear & aligned channel.

The group is intentionally kept intimate with a maximum of 7-8 women per cohort so that you receive the most personalized support in your business and ascension process.

How to know if this is for you?

What we'll be diving deep on...

The Lioness Rising Mastermind is LESS training focused and MORE transformation focused, but here are some of the juicy topics and transmissions you will receive throughout our 6 months together!

and so much more...

You'll receive tailored mentorship, support & activations from a vast array of high caliber experts, thought leaders, and healers. The women that we've brought together to assist in giving you new perspectives and next level results are unmatched...I cannot wait for you to have this multi-dimensional experience!

Equal parts doing and equal parts being.
We blend the strategy and action with the full blown feminine receivership.

Meet your guest experts...


Phoebe Marie

Quantum Energy Healer & DNA Activator

Phoebe is such a light & powerhouse of the new paradigm! She is a Quantum Healer, DNA Activator and her healing work is truly next level …I know from first hand experience! Phoebe will work inside the astral plane to activate dormant DNA, bring you to your highest timeline and help you live in full power from within, repairing the physical, emotional, and energy bodies. This work will dissolve any barriers to fully owning your light and being in alignment with the highest (& wealthiest) version of you. Each woman within Lioness Rising will get to experience the magic of Phoebe’s work. 

Sarah merges the power of mindset and energetics to help 6 figure coaches increase their capacity for more clients and more income, operate from a new paradigm of wealth and create bigger impact. She is an expert in generational trauma, hypnosis, and breathwork. She specializes in helping women collapse time by moving through energetic blocks so they can effortlessly magnetize more wealth and easeful launches. Within this potent container you’ll have the opportunity to be guided by Sarah through the shifts needed to see substantial results in your business. I’m so excited to have her on board!

Copy of CharlotteNelsonPhotography-1053

Sarah Hunter

Intuitive Business Strategist & Mindset Mentor


Christy Avis

Human Design Expert & Biz Coach

Christy is a Manifesting Gen Leo that is on fire in the realm of Human Design and energetics in business! Through Christy’s work she helps her clients BE their design. She teaches Human Design in a way where you become the living embodiment of alignment instead of concepts you intellectualize. She stands for energetics and strategy, making a deep impact and making f*ck tons of money. With Christy’s guidance in Lioness Rising you’ll learn how to embody your design and collapse time around your alignment and ascending in your business. 

Veronica is such a Lioness and her vibe is so aligned with this mastermind that I had to invite her to come speak! She is the founder of Vulnerable AF and guides transformational in-person and online experiences that encourage vulnerability and brave connection. Her work is inspired by Authentic relating, Non-violent Communication, Transformational Development and embodiment practices. In this mastermind, she’ll be diving into vulnerbility in leadership and facilitating in-person events so that you can become a more present, open and powerful space holder for your clients. 


Veronica Kaulinis

Leadership Coach & Intimacy Catalyst

Plus more surprise guest experts being added!

What you'll receive



Value: $15k

Bi-weekly 90-minute live group coaching sessions where you’ll have access to personalized mentorship. Our calls will keep you accountable, energized & in positive momentum forward. 


Value: $10k

Your first 1:1 Deep Dive is the perfect opportunity to gain clarity and dialed in support on your product suite, messaging, sales strategy, energy and mindset. We’ll lay out a clear roadmap for your business so you can move forward with confidence. Your additional 1:1 calls are a space to be held in support and lean in for coaching as you continue to implement and take off. 


Value: $12k

Between our calls you can dive into trainings including the Lightworker Biz Academy, Content to Cash, Queendom Codes, and any live programs that take place during our 6 months together. You can return back to the vault of programs and trainings anytime in the future as you grow and evolve your business.


Value: $6k

You’ll have access to monthly group wealth activations, feminine energy healings, and trauma release sessions as well as dialed in business trainings from leading experts. Includes lifetime access to the guest speaker vault where you can plug in at anytime in the future. 


Value: $6k

The live bonus training modules will be specifically curated based on the energy of the group and what is needed. They will be designed to up- level your wealth energetics, business strategy and/or trauma healing. 


Value: $15k ++

The group Voxer chat is a space where we will hold the vibration of the container between calls and you can receive additional support from Angela as well as the other badass ladies in the mastermind. 

Lean in for connection, collaboration and DAILY support…no more lone wolf mentality! Lionesses thrive in community. 


$60K + in value over 6 months

Plus with Pay-in-Full

you will have access to

+ 1 x Akashic Business Reading

+ 1 x additional 60 min private coaching session with Angela as a follow up after the mastermind or to use when you need it.

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Payment Options




Payment Plan

6 x $1,000

Includes lifetime access to the Vault & access to all live programs while a Mastermind member.

Making big investments in yourself can feel edgy! But..

Success doesn't happen by accident or by chance.

It happens on purpose.

It's deliberate and intentional.

It comes from making bold moves that sometimes don't make "logical' sense, but that FEEL like a heck yes.

The type of moves that you make based on where you're going not on where you've been.

If you've landed on this page it's likely you're ready to make BIG moves and CEO decisions.

Know that you can trust yourself and if you're invited into this container, then I also trust that this will pay off for years to come as you continue to grow and evolve in your business.

Are you ready to Rise?

Why emphasize healing?

Strategy is important and we’ll go deep into that too BUT, all the strategy in the world won’t yield results if your trauma is still in the way. When you heal your trauma, it becomes easy to manifest because you are now, naturally in a high vibrational state without energetic blocks. So things are more easily magnetized to you. 

What other women are saying...


“I am so grateful for Angela and for guiding me through wounds I struggled to face for a very long time. Angela helped me shift into alignment in just a matter of weeks and break through blocks around my self image. She helped give me the confidence to show up online beyond the text form. I’m now creating my signature program and calling in aligned clients. I’m walking away from this experience with a whole lot of soul expansion that I wasn’t even expecting!”

~ Kelly Louise, Healer & Coach


“Working with Angela has absolutely changed my life. She is such an amazing coach and has been such a support for me along my business journey. She has helped me with everything from the spirituality and energetics behind business to the tangible strategy like launching, getting clients, & the vision. She embodies the elements of both the masculine and feminine way of doing business. She has a sweet, fun, loving side, but will also hold you accountable to make sure you get the work done. Working with her has exponentially helped my business grow and took it to the next level.”

~ Dria Laredo, Digital Artist & Branding Expert


“I knew within the first session that I had made the right decision & now going through
LBA and the Mentorship with
Angela, I can wholeheartedly say that this has been probably the best investment that I’ve ever made in myself. Angela is the type of coach that will deliver ten fold, whatever it is that you’re needing & she delivers things that you might not even know that you need. From a very tangible stand point, I have had more clients in this past month, than I have had this whole year. So my income is now becoming consistent and I tie all of that back to my work with Angela”

~ Tricia Fishbune, Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist


“I want to thank you soooo much for LBA and for believing in me and my medicine. I can really see now how beneficial both programs were. I launched the Brown Girls Blueprint to Emotional Wellness and 13 women signed up. Wow!!!!”

~ Nia Nyree, Spiritual Coach & Healer


“I have embodied a whole new version of myself. I have created a sisterhood that is so special and I will forever cherish. I am in total alignment and fulfilling my soul’s purpose, serving for the highest good everyday. I am a business woman, which I never thought that I would hear myself say, and I am so excited about all my business visions moving forward because I believe in them and I believe in myself. Angela is brilliant, she is packed full of knowledge and leaves nothing on the table. She gives everything she promises and then some.”

~ Amy Jantz, Coach & Healer


“Through Angela’s guidance, I was able to turn my ideas into a tangible business. I’ve had more exposure and business opportunities, including being featured as a guest on a podcast. I have grown so much personally and as a business woman. If you are on the fence, it is so worth it!”

~ Khepera Smith, Herbalist, Vegan Chef & Healer

Sign me up now.

Together we will not only rise in leadership and business, but turn on your pleasure and upgrade your wealth frequency. 


By signing up now you reserve your space for Spring 2023 at the pre-sale price, with an approximate start at the end of April/early May. Spaces will be limited to maintain the intimacy of the container. Claim your spot in the pride. 

Hi! I'm Angela

I’m a trauma-informed business coach with a passion for helping heart centered, visionary women own their truth, own their light, and become wealthy AF leaders and queens. 

I’ve had multiple businesses since I was a teenager, some more traditional like a tanning salon and one being a chapter as a sex worker. Although some of the choices I made in my youth weren’t in total “alignment”, It was through my unconventional path that I learned my true mission and calling. 

I’m here to help women heal from trauma, untie any knots of shame and scarcity and ascend into the women and CEO’s they know they came here to be. I am a stand for all women to break the rules, reclaim their power and embrace vulnerability. 

I love to blend strategy, energetics, and healing for a powerful and multidimensional trifecta. 

 I can’t wait to meet you!

Your Frequently Asked Questions

To this I say…trust your gut, your sacral or your heart! The answer lies in your body and not in the logical mind. When we approach things by logic, we get logical results and we are here for more than that! 

That being said, if you do need to clarify things beyond this page feel free to DM me on insta @angdevon 🙂

I’ve worked with women at varying levels of income and growth and I’ll say this mastermind isn’t about levels…it’s about commitment and power. The women I am calling in for this container have already done some level of personal development work, have a foundational understanding of social media, but most importantly are ready to show up consistently with self awareness and a willingness to grow and expand.

If this sounds like you, then let’s rise!

What’s beautiful about this mastermind is that it is both a doing and receiving container. There will be approx 3-4 calls per month (including your 1:1). With our guest facilitators you can relax and receive the transmissions being provided and with the mastermind calls we ask that you really lean in, come with questions and get support. It’s always best if you’re able to make the calls live to get the most from the experience and stay plugged in, but of course you have lifetime access to the replays & juicy content library! You’ll also have our intimate voxer chat available to you for our 6 months together. Since it is a business container, you’ll want to be ready to dedicate the time and to take off.  

The fall 2022 round will begin in October/November! It will take you well into 2023. Session times to accommodate the variety of time zones of women inside the container along with guest experts. Replays are available within 24 hours of all sessions and you have lifetime access!

Cheers to the Lioness leader within you.

Are you ready to tap into your true power, light, and success?