Hi! I’m Angela

I am a leadership and business coach for Lightworkers, Changemakers and Visionary Women.

My mission is to support you in…

Reclaiming your voice and expression.

Launching and Scaling your heart centered online business.

Making money by being YOU and dialing up who you are.

Fully owning your sensuality, sovereignty and message in the world.

Slaying any last bit of doubt and shame so you can embody the worthy queen that you are.

A bit about my journey thus far…

I have always been an entrepreneur and also a deeply spiritual woman, although my path was never very traditional as I started my adult life in sex work as an escort. Looking back now, I know there were certain lessons that I needed to learn from that phase of my life that would help me to empower other women. 

I then ran my first business, which was a tanning salon of all things! That business taught me a lot about people and about myself and self discipline. Eventually I sold the salon because my desire for more depth and self expression lead me to Los Angeles where I started my hand at acting. Acting was what really opened up the vault you could say. The last thing I expected was to start digging up my past and all my wounds, but the authenticity that was required for a great performance demanded that I be in touch with every aspect of myself.

I soon recognized that the trauma, shame, and habitual patterns I held onto not only could and needed to be healed, but I could become my greatest healer. With this commitment, I sought out various alternative healing methods for releasing trauma and regaining my own feminine grace and power. It was through an acting teacher that I discovered the technology and ancient teachings of Kundalini yoga, experiencing it’s profound effects I very quickly jumped on the opportunity to head to India to deepen my knowledge. Since then, I’ve explored shamanic healing modalities, plant medicines, tantra, energy healing, breath-work, & embodiment practices. 

My past has definitly shaped my approach to leadership and business coaching. Although business strategy is a huge focus with my clients, the biggest needle mover is in becoming the woman that they are meant to become through their business. I encourage the women in my containers to embrace vulnerability, break the rules and carve a new path. Each stage of my life has taught me to lead myself, to heal, to reclaim my voice and to discover a deeper love for myself…all things that I take with me in my coaching with other women.