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Hi I'm

Angela Devon

I am a leadership and business coach for Lightworkers, Changemakers and Visionary Women.

My mission is to support you in…

Reclaiming your voice and expression.

Launching and Scaling your heart centered online business.

Making money by being YOU and dialing up who you are.

Fully owning your sensuality, sovereignty and message in the world.

Slaying any last bit of doubt and shame so you can embody the worthy queen that you are.

The Lightworker Biz Academy

April 2022

The 12 week signature group program to launch and scale your heart-centered online business. For coaches, healers, and CEO Lightworkers…

I work with heart-centered & rebellious women that are ready to not only start a business, but leave a legacy. They are the ones that came here to step into leadership and use their voice... even when it may shake. If you're ready to feel the fear, but take the leap anyway, I got you. I'm here to support you in stepping up, being unapologetically you and owning your light.

Lioness Rising Podcast

As a spiritual entrepreneur and mom, I bring you this unique blend of mysticism, spirituality, transformation, conscious business and everyday life. For the conscious modern day woman that prioritizes her healing & spiritual growth, while embracing the messiness of just being human. Breaking out of the old paradigm ways of what it means to be a woman…we really can have it all. Stay tuned for solo episodes, and interviews to help you cultivate a thriving business, deeper relationship with your family, and strengthened connection to yourself and your mission.


I’m here to create a new narrative within our industry and society at large where women can release the shackles of shame and decades of programming. 

To reclaim their voice and feminine power.

I’m here to play a role in the creating of conscious businesses that contribute to awakening, healing, sustainability and ethical solutions within our communities and planet. 

This space welcomes with open arms women who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). As a mother to biracial children, I am especially committed to diversity and providing safe and inclusive spaces for all women. 

Here’s to the lightworkers, the change makers, and the sacred rebels. 

The ones committed to blazing a new path and creating a new world. 

I stand with you. I walk with you. I honor you. 

Let's rise sister!