Wild Honey


Learn how to slow down and feel deliciously connected and empowered by your sensuality 


Rid yourself of insecurity as you come into deeper connection with yourself and your innate erotic power


Alchemize shame around your sexuality & expand your window of tolerance for pleasure 


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You wake up to the sensation of the soft sheets on your skin and instead of instantly hopping on your phone, you caress yourself…as a smile peaks out from your lips, you can’t wait to begin a new day

You allow your intuition and body to take the lead as you flow into your sacred feminine practice

You no longer take action from a place of hustle and grind, but alignment from your heart and womb 

Your nervous system is regulated and calm as you interweave pleasure and sensuality throughout your day

You no longer search for external validation or permission to feel sexy…you are self sourced with your own life force. You are the Creatrix, the Enchantress, the Wild Woman, the Sensual Lover all wrapped into one

You have a newfound confidence in yourself that isn’t surface level but sourced deep from within…it’s EMBODIED

The old shame & insecurities have begun to drip away and you’re left feeling worthy, alive, connected and whole

You are tapped into your sensual, feminine power and you cherish being YOU 

This is a hot, passionate & epic love story between you and YOU.

We've been taught it all backwards honey. Our sensual, erotic nature isn't about pleasing another, doing something out of obligation, or performing our femininity.

It is the source of our greatest magic & feminine power.

This journey is for YOU above all else. Sure, as a byproduct you will feel more connected to yourself and therefor your partner, your relationship will become more orgasmic, you’ll feel more confident naked in the bedroom, you’ll strip away the parts that feel shame or contraction around your sensuality and magnetism.

And I want you to know this is for YOU…your healing, your unbridled confidence, your pleasure, your desires, your epic love story between you and you.

There is a huge invitation as women to recalibrate our relationship to our body. An invitation to heal the past hurts and misaligned experiences, to come home to a deeper self love than ever before. An invitation to TRULY connect with the soft & subtle power of our sensuality. Sex can no longer come from a place that is superficial, performative, or solely to please another… it needs to be based in honoring you as a multidimensional woman. It’s a coming home to yourself.



You want to go from feeling numb, disconnected or at a pleasure plateau to passionate self-romance

You desire to have a self pleasure practice and deep connection with your sexuality, but it often gets put on the back burner or you end up caving in to the typical quickie. You know that there is so much more magic & nuance to be discovered!

You may have lost the connection and self love for your body after having children or you just don't know where to start in getting your magnetism and "dripping in gold" confidence back

You're ready to release the guilt and the shame around sexuality and being a sensual & magnetic woman who is turned the F on by life

You know you're in your head WAY too much (likely on your computer all day) and you're ready to drop into your body and show her some love. You want to feel present and sensually connected not only during sex, but in everyday life

You're ready to rid yourself of the people pleasing and "good girl complex" and cultivate a deeper intimacy, respect and honor for your body, senses & sexuality

You want to ignite your feminine creativity, power and magnetism for your work, your relationship and (if single) your dating life

There are a number of reasons you may feel called to explore Wild Honey, too many to list all of them here! If you're unsure if this program is right for you or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me personally.

Please also read the FAQ section and keep in mind that although this will be a trauma-informed space that Wild Honey should not replace therapy if you feel you are someone who has or experiences trauma.


Here's What You Get


  • 8 Weeks of coaching, body-based healing & pleasure expansion
  • 6 x LIVE Coaching & Teaching Calls
  • 2 x LIVE Embodiment Ceremonies 
  • 2 x Bonus Trainings with our Juicy Guest Experts
  • Community Telegram Chat to connect, be witnessed & celebrate with the sisterhood outside of our coaching calls
  • Over 20+ practices, tools, and rituals- including breast & womb massage, self pleasure practices, yoni egg, cervical connection practices and more
  • Atleast one year access to the content library where all of our teachings, transmissions, & practices will live


Module 1: Opening to Pleasure

Tap into the power of pleasure and sensuality. Expand your window of tolerance for pleasure in your nervous system. Dip into the portal of expansion & pleasure.

Module 2: The Wombxn

This is DEEP body love. Create a sacred relationship with your womb and your feminine power, connecting with the wisdom of your body. Dearmour the contractions and walls you may have around deeper receiving with money, love and pleasure. 


Integration Week - Breathwork Ceremony

Module 3: The Enchantress

This is becoming that magnetic and seductive woman. Empower your voice, open your heart and learn the art of feminine magnetism. Unlock your expression and the power of seduction within your relationships (and even your business!).


Module 4: The Wild Honey

This is bad b*tch energy. Break free from shame, stigma, and the good girl complex. Heal over giving and people pleasing. Reclaim your sexual power. Activate true inner confidence. 

Integration Week - Breathwork Ceremony

Module 5: The Creatrix

This is becoming an abundant and empowered creator of your life. Become a feminine force and embrace your inner creatrix energy. Make art out of your life and manifest your greatest masterpiece. Use your sexual energy to create magic, money & miracles.

Module 6: The Lover

This is slaying the relationship game. Heal your wounds around the masculine, create polarity & magnetism in your partnership, choose yourself and increase your self worth in your relationship (this module is great if you’re calling in love as well).


Mothers are sexy too. Embrace Pleasure as a Mother & recalibrate your sex life after children. Sex doesn’t have to go out the window, but there IS an invitation to come home to yourself first. 

About the practices...

In this experience I’ll be inviting you into self pleasure, healing, dance, meditation, yoni eggs, and breath practices.

If any of this feels like a no to you right now, then please honor that by not joining. I prefer the women that are in this experience to be open and willing to participate in these practices that I trust. 

The practices in Wild Honey are available to you for your deeper healing and expansion. The intention is that you not only cultivate immense passion and pleasure, but that through the use of these practices you completely recalibrate the way you show up in life. 

I'm Angela.

A 2/4 Generator, Cancer Sun, Leo Moon & Libra Rising

I’m a Trauma- informed sexuality, business, lifestyle and leadership mentor for heart-centered and ambitious women. As an entrepreneur my entire adult life and former sex worker, my focus is in alchemizing shame and speaking openly about taboos like sex, money, and power. I specialize in helping women become more magnetic, confident, wealthy and expressed through strategy, energetics, and body based somatic healing. With the soul of a rose and the heart of a lioness, I have a gentle yet courageous approach.

It’s important to me that I create spaces where my clients feel deeply heard, seen and supported. Some of my qualifications include…I am a certified Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and have trained in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. I have studied with teachers like Alexandra Roxo (Transformational Embodiment Coaching) & Kimberly Rose Pendleton (Trauma-informed Intimacy Coaching). I am a student for life and undertake ongoing trainings and education so that I can continue to refine my spaces and expertise. 

Informally, I’m extremely passionate about the realms of healing, sexuality, spiritual transformation, money, trauma and self discovery. As they say your deepest wounds often lead to your greatest gift and wisdom. With Chiron in my 8th house, I’ve gone on quite the journey with sex and money and now I’ve come to a place where I feel empowered to share this wisdom that has been birthed from some of my hardest lessons. 

The journey of sexual empowerment and healing is a BIG & vulnerable one and if you decide to join us in Wild Honey, I honor you and thank you for trusting me as your guide. 



“I am so grateful for Angela and for guiding me through wounds I struggled to face for a very long time. Angela helped me shift into alignment in just a matter of weeks and break through blocks around my self image. She helped give me the confidence to show up online beyond the text form. I’m now creating my signature program and calling in aligned clients. I’m walking away from this experience with a whole lot of soul expansion that I wasn’t even expecting!”

~ Kelly Louise, Healer & Coach​


“Working with Angela has absolutely changed my life. She is such an amazing coach and has been such a support for me along my business journey. She has helped me with everything from the spirituality and energetics behind business to the tangible strategy like launching, getting clients, & the vision. She embodies the elements of both the masculine and feminine way of doing business. She has a sweet, fun, loving side, but will also hold you accountable to make sure you get the work done. Working with her has exponentially helped my business grow and took it to the next level.”

~ Dria Laredo, Digital Artist & Branding Expert


“I knew within the first session that I had made the right decision & now going through LBA and the Mentorship with
Angela, I can wholeheartedly say that this has been probably the best investment that I’ve ever made in myself. Angela is the type of coach that will deliver ten fold, whatever it is that you’re needing & she delivers things that you might not even know that you need. From a very tangible stand point, I have had more clients in this past month, than I have had this whole year. So my income is now becoming consistent and I tie all of that back to my work with Angela”

~ Tricia Fishbune, Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist ​


“I want to thank you soooo much for LBA and for believing in me and my medicine. I can really see now how beneficial both programs were. I launched the Brown Girls Blueprint to Emotional Wellness and 13 women signed up. Wow!!!!”

~ Nia Nyree, Spiritual Coach & Healer​


“Through Angela’s guidance, I was able to turn my ideas into a tangible business. I’ve had more exposure and business opportunities, including being featured as a guest on a podcast. I have grown so much personally and as a business woman. If you are on the fence, it is so worth it!”

~ Khepera Smith, Herbalist, Vegan Chef & Healer


“I have embodied a whole new version of myself. I have created a sisterhood that is so special and I will forever cherish. I am in total alignment and fulfilling my soul’s purpose, serving for the highest good everyday. I am a business woman, which I never thought that I would hear myself say, and I am so excited about all my business visions moving forward because I believe in them and I believe in myself. Angela is brilliant, she is packed full of knowledge and leaves nothing on the table. She gives everything she promises and then some.”

~ Amy Jantz, Coach & Healer​


You will have guaranteed access to the program for at least one year!

Most likely, YES. However the investment will likely rise for the future rounds. Now would be a great time to hop in!

I love creating more intimate spaces for people to land and I will be very present inside of the container, however this program does not have 1:1 support calls unless you sign up for the VIP tier. 

At checkout there is an option to select VIP for two 1:1 coaching calls for an additional $555


I do not. Upon enrollment, you agree to this experience and are responsible for full payment upon due dates.

Absolutely not! This program is perfect for all women regardless of your relationship status. It’s primary focus is on you, your body, your healing, your pleasure and power….which then spills over into your relationships or dating life. Or simply your relationship with yourself- the most important of all!

You do not absolutely need one, BUT I highly encourage you to get them because it’s extremely healing and activating. I will have recommended tools/toys inside the program welcome module.

Wild Honey is a deep and devotional journey into your sensuality and self love. It WILL require a bit of energy and time on your part aside from just our coaching calls. Each weekly call you can expect to be roughly 90 minutes. I also recommend spending time at least a few days a week to dive into the practices that will be dripped out to you week by week. The more you weave these practices into your life, the more you’ll start to expand your capacity for pleasure and see a change in your life. That being said, I want you to honor your body and go slow or stop when needed. 

We will have two integration weeks with a breathwork ceremony and no new teachings or practices to allow you time to take everything in. There is no rush and you will have access for at least one full year. 

Both! All of the coaching calls and breathwork ceremonies will be held live. 

There will also be over 20 pre-recorded practices and teachings dripped out to you week by week while in the course for you to dive into between our calls.

The greatest love story you'll ever know is the one between you and yourself


Join this inaugural round of Wild Honey for sensual healing, embodied self love, and erotic confidence.

~ We begin late August ~

Payment plans available at checkout or DM me on insta @angdevon for more details