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In-depth Hashtag Training, Healing Visibility Wounds & Standing out as a Soulful Service Provider.

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Wednesday, July 7th at 9:30am PST

(Day before my Birthday, let's celebrate! hehe)


Admit it, love! without the willingness to be seen and heard you'll keep hitting a plateau in your biz.

You may have had some wins and tasted success in your business, but you know that you could probably turn the shine on a bit brighter…

Deep in your heart you know that there is something holding you back from fully being seen, but you’re also committed to your vision and you’re willing to do the work to move past any limitations. 

You’re ready to scale your income, make a bigger impact, and have an audience that knows your name and is just waiting at the edge of their seat for your next offer to drop. Which means stepping into leadership and coming out of hiding is a must. 

The truth really need people to see all that you've worked so hard to create!

And the world needs your medicine NOW.

A Note From Angela...

Hi Friend,

If you're wanting to increase your leads, followers and build a community of women that are in alignment with your work then I think you may be here for a reason.

I'll be honest, in the past I never cared about social media tips or how-to's. It actually made me cringe even thinking about hashtags! I was anti-social media and a true introvert. I wanted my people to just come to me without having to be seen or speak up too much. So if you're sensitive AF and have a love/hate relationship with Instagram then...I GET IT!

The fact is, once I started taking my business seriously, embraced this platform and also my own spiritual development through showing up, everything changed.

The clients came, the speaking opportunities came, my income tripled in less than 6 months and even more importantly I gained the confidence in expressing myself and sharing my heart.

And I can't knock hashtags anymore because my soulmate and love of my life found me through one of my hashtags! I don't know that I would have this beautiful baby boy and family if it weren't for using them ;).

Something that people don't often talk about is when you become an entrepreneur, you are signing up for your soul's growth through your business.

You are entering into a greater relationship with yourself.

The inner work paired with the strategy is a winning combination, which is why this training will cover my "4 Pillars of Visibility".


Healing Visibility Wounds

Confidence & Magnetism

Using Hashtags the CORRECT Way

Clear Avenues for Visibility

Your visibility is key to ascending to the next level in your business.

Inside this 2-hr Masterclass Experience you will:

  • Learn how to properly use hashtags to grow your audience and attract more leads for your business. 
  • Find out exactly where you could be holding yourself back by looking at your visibility wounds. 
  • Get clear on how to overcome the common pitfalls and energy leaks of social media, so you can show up and deliver like a boss.
  • Learn how to stand out in the online space with magnetism, confidence, and radical self expression. 
  • Discover the best avenues for visibility as a soulful service provider.  

Here is what people are saying:

"I love it! You always talk about my exact problem or need and it's so helpful!" - Hannah

"There is so much valuable content and it's really well explained." - Victoria

"Omg I am so impressed!" - Maria

"Angela is brilliant, she is packed full of knowledge and leaves nothing on the table." - Amy

This masterclass is valued at $99, but I'm giving it to you this round for FREE!

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