Self Approval: The practice of approving of yourself

As human beings, we can all be guilty of seeking approval and validation from outside of ourselves. Without even realizing it we can do certain things in hopes of a particular reaction from our loved ones and friends or even strangers…and if we don’t get that validation or reaction that we had hoped for it can be a let down. This is where the practice of letting go of any expectations is so crucial! But on top that creating a habit of always giving yourself that approval on a regular basis sets yourself up to always feel acknowledged and approved no matter what anyone else says. When we can create that feeling for ourself and come from that strong foundation, we no longer NEED to receive from others and we can relate to them from a whole new space of self love…which is a much more attractive energy to relate from!

I personally started the practice of self approval when a mentor suggested that I do it, even for the tiniest things, like brushing my teeth! I started to give myself a little pat on the back every time I completed something that was good or healthy, like after eating a healthy meal, “Good Job Angela!” may sound a little OCD but it’s the little things that we do for ourselves that so often get overlooked..when you really should be proud of yourself! When you’re working on a project or creating something meaningful to you, but it’s not yet being seen by others it’s especially great to acknowledge every step forward and every little piece completed. If it’s not really about the end result and it’s the journey that counts, might as well give yourself some lovin’ and approval along the way 🙂


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