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Wednesday, September 8th & Thursday, September 9th at 10am PST


Admit it, love! You know that your self worth, voice and leadership are all deeply connected to your business growth.

The truth is...social media doesn't need more recycled quote graphics, it needs your voice, your presence and your leadership.

Presenting a free masterclass for the heart centered coaches, healers, and guides ready to claim their throne at the top of their industry.

A Note From Angela...

Angela Devon

Hi Friend,

If you desire to run a sustainable and profitable business with a community of women that are in alignment with your work then I think you may be here for a reason. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs in the online space to loose steam after months of throwing up content, and I truly believe that the missing link is almost always discovering a new layer within and stepping into unapologetic leadership.

I'll be honest, I have always been shy and an introvert my entire life...on top of that I lacked a lot of self esteem and worth until I began my own healing journey. Being seen and heard was a foreign concept until I got into acting, activated my voice and healed a lot of the inner wounds keeping me from shining.

Today I have unearthed so much confidence, I actually love to be on video!

Since doing this work...The clients came, the speaking opportunities came, my income tripled in less than 6 months and even more importantly I gained the self love and what I'd like to call "Queendom Codes".

To say this is my passion is an understatement, but bringing the voice, leadership, and confidence codes to other women is my deepest calling and pleasure. See you in the masterclass!

Something that people don't often talk about is when you become an entrepreneur, you are signing up for your soul's growth through your business.

You are entering into a greater relationship with yourself.

You showing up as the unapologetic queen, sharing your magic with your voice and presence is the key to scaling and sustaining your heart-centered business.

Leading like a queen is


Activated Throat Chakra

Self Worth & Confidence

Unapologetic Leadership

Emotional Resonance

Your leadership is key to ascending to the next level in your business.

Inside this 90 Minute Masterclass Experience you will:

  • Learn to embody the conscious queen archetype and step into leadership in your industry. 
  • Find out exactly where you could be holding yourself back from growing in your biz and reaching your next level of income and impact. 
  • Discover my queendom codes framework for standing in leadership even as an introvert. 
  • Learn how to stand out in the online space with magnetism, confidence, and radical self expression. 
  • Lock in the Queen Archetype Energy through a guided embodiment practice. 
  • All registered participants will receive the 48-hour replay.
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to join us inside the new leadership and vocal program– Queendom Codes.

Here is what people are saying:

"I love it! You always talk about my exact problem or need and it's so helpful!" - Hannah

"There is so much valuable content and it's really well explained." - Victoria

"Omg I am so impressed!" - Maria

"Angela is brilliant, she is packed full of knowledge and leaves nothing on the table." - Amy

This masterclass is valued at $99, but I'm giving it to you this round for FREE!

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